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What Are Casement & Awning Windows?

Casement and awning windows from Reno King are the perfect way to add more stylish and energy efficiency to your property. These windows combine functionality, style, and energy efficiency, making them a perfect choice for any space.

Casement and awning windows also offer excellent insulation, security, and ventilation. Elevate your living experience with our high-quality casement and awning windows.

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Differences Between Awning and Casement Windows

While both offer exceptional ventilation and energy efficiency, awning windows hinge at the top and open outward, providing shelter from the rain. On the other hand, Casement windows hinge on the side, swinging open like a door, offering a more classic and expansive view.

Benefits Of Casement & Awning Windows

  • Energy Efficiency: Casement and awning windows have a tight seal that prevents air leakage and heat loss, reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint.
  • Security: They have a multi-point locking system that makes them difficult to break into. They also have no horizontal rails that can be used as leverage for intruders.
  • Ventilation: These windows can be opened to any angle, allowing you to control the amount and direction of airflow. They also help to circulate fresh air and remove stale air, improving your indoor air quality and comfort.
  • Style: Casement and awning windows have a sleek and modern look that can complement any architectural style. They also come in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes to suit your preferences and needs.

Why Choose Reno King’s Casement & Awning Windows?

Our casement and awning windows are crafted with precision, combining innovative technology with exquisite design. Choose us for unparalleled quality, expert installation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Elevate your home’s aesthetics, energy efficiency, and security with Reno King’s premium casement and awning Windows.

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