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Smooth Building Permit Approvals
Streamlined City Approvals & Engineered Plans

Navigating the complexities of building permit approval and city regulations can be daunting for both residential and commercial projects. At Reno King General Contractors, our expertise lies in facilitating a seamless process ensuring timely approvals for your projects.

From lot grading and drainage to subdivision planning and civil/municipal roadways, we handle it all precisely. Our engineered plans adhere to strict building code compliance, encompassing electrical and HVAC layout and design. Additionally, our comprehensive approach includes stormwater management and underground water/sewer systems, guaranteeing a holistic solution for your needs.

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Why Choose Our Expertise For Engineered Plans & City Approvals?

With a focus on precision and efficiency, we specialize in engineered plans and city approvals for both residential and commercial projects, ensuring compliance from grading to code adherence.

  • Residential & Commercial Expertise: Tailored solutions for both residential and commercial projects, ensuring compliance and efficiency in engineered plans and city approvals.
  • Efficient Grading & Drainage Design: Specialized design for lot grading and drainage systems, guaranteeing effective water management and approval readiness.
  • Strategic Subdivision Planning: Guidance through subdivision planning processes, ensuring adherence to municipal regulations and smooth project progression.
  • Civil Roadway Design Excellence: Expertise in civil roadway design, prioritizing safety and efficiency while navigating city approval requirements.
  • Comprehensive Stormwater Management: Holistic solutions for stormwater management, integrating sustainable practices and regulatory compliance.
  • Advanced Underground Systems Design: Specialized design for underground water and sewer systems, optimizing functionality and meeting regulatory standards.
  • Code-Compliant Engineering: Commitment to building code compliance, ensuring safety and regulatory adherence in all engineered plans.
  • Customized Electrical/HVAC Design: Tailored electrical and HVAC layout design, maximizing efficiency and comfort while meeting code requirements.

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