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Shield your building from moisture intrusion with our innovative AU-1 Liquid-Applied Flashing. This single-component, elastomeric liquid creates a durable, breathable seal around windows, doors, and other building openings. Forget messy primers and complicated mixing – AU-1 applies easily with a brush, roller, or trowel, even to green concrete.

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Benefits Of AU-1 Liquid-Applied Flashing

  • Long-lasting Protection: AU-1 forms a permanent, weather-resistant barrier that endures harsh conditions and UV rays.
  • Unmatched Ease-of-Use: Skip the mess with a one-component formula that requires no priming and offers soap-and-water cleanup.
  • Sustainable Choice: AU-1 is low in VOCs, promoting better indoor air quality and contributing to greener building practices.
  • Meets AAMA Standards: Tested and approved for performance according to AAMA 714-22 & 714-19 specifications.

Key Features Of AU-1 Liquid-Applied Flashing

  • Single-Component Formula: No mixing required, saving you time and effort on the job.
  • Compatible with Stucco: Bonds directly to stucco finishes without a primer.
  • Green Concrete Application: Can be applied to green concrete for early waterproofing.
  • 18-Month Shelf Life: Store for extended periods without compromising quality.
  • Available Sizes: Choose from 1-gallon or 5-gallon pails to suit your project needs.

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