Tired of leaky windows and drafty doors? Accura caulk is the all-in-one solution for your sealing needs. This high-quality acrylic latex caulk offers exceptional performance and ease of use, making it a favourite among professional painters.

Accura forms a tough, flexible, and water-resistant seal that protects your home from the elements. With low VOC content and soap and water cleanup, it’s a user-friendly choice for DIY projects as well. Accura is a versatile sealant that delivers the performance you can trust.

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Use Accura For Unmatched Durability & Performance

  • Durable And Long-Lasting: With a 45-year guarantee, ACCURA forms a flexible and airtight seal that withstands environmental stresses.
  • Mildew Resistance: Once cured, the bead is mildew-resistant, ensuring a clean and hygienic seal.
  • Excellent Adhesion: ACCURA adheres strongly to various substrates, providing a reliable and secure bond.
  • Low Voc And Easy Cleanup: ACCURA has low VOC content and can be cleaned up easily with soap and water.

Features Of Accura

  • Paintable: The cured sealant can be painted, allowing for seamless integration with surrounding surfaces.
  • Quality: Exceeds ASTM C-834, Type OP, Grade -18°C, ensuring superior performance and durability.
  • Sound Performance: Meets ASTM E90-09 for use in acoustic applications when used as described in ASTM C919, providing excellent sound insulation.
  • Consistency: Vacuum-filled tubes ensure a smooth and consistent application, minimizing air pockets and voids.
  • Colours: Available in various colours, including white, gray, almond, brown, bronze, and black, to match different project requirements.
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